Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June 2, 2010: Silver Creek Fishing Report

New this year, Idaho Nature Notes will feature regular Silver Creek fishing reports by our preserve manager Dayna Gross. Check our blog before heading out on your next trip.

This is opening week at Silver Creek Preserve!

We have had some spring weather which makes fishing challenging because of the wind, rain, overcast skies, and generally poor visibility.

It has been quite cold, but many spring hatches happen with warming temperatures throughout the day. This week we have seen a light pale morning dun hatch around 10:30 a.m. or later (size 14 and 18), when it starts to warm up.

With overcast skies, you can count on baetis, also known as blue-winged olives (size 22 or so) throughout the day. There is a super small tan midge all day long and pheasant tail nymphs are also bringing in fish.

Stories of large rainbows and browns caught on woolly buggers (brown and black) are making their way upstream from the Purdy’s RR Ranch. On the preserve, woolly buggers are also sure to generate some action and are a good back up if it appears there is no hatch activity.

Angler traffic has been steady on the preserve but quiets down around 4 pm. Word is out that brown drakes will be coming in 2-5 days…! But you know how that goes...

--Dayna Gross

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