Friday, June 04, 2010

Conservation Easement Protects Grizzly Habitat, Rural Economy

The above photo of grizzly bears was taken by Idaho Department of Fish and Game via a "camera trap," just south of the Canada border.

This photo was taken on a property, Boundary Creek, owned by Forest Capital Partners, a private forest management company. Bears and other wildlife use this property to move from the Selkirk to the Cabinet-Yaak mountains.

The Nature Conservancy very excited to announce that this property will be protected--for bears and for the rural community--by a conservation easement. The forest will continue to be logged, with conservation measures in place to ensure the bears are not disturbed when they're in the area.

This property is a spectacular place, a place where the wild things still roam, and where the rural economy is still sustained by the forest. This conservation easement ensures it stays that way.

Learn more about the conservation easement.

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