Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Silver Creek: A Guide's Perspective

Fly fishing guide Greg Loomis has spent more than 20 years figuring out the wary trout on Silver Creek. This month on, Greg offers his perspective on the creek and gives an angling primer for those heading to the preserve. Read more.

And Greg has done more than fish the creek. In 2003, he realized that there is not one readily accessible resource for extensive research completed at Silver Creek, research that covers a span of thirty years.

He created a web site,, a comprehensive, user-friendly web site featuring everything from water temperature statistics to brown trout studies.

"A lot of people make guesses about the creek, and I wanted to provide unbiased factual information," Greg says. "I don't have editorials or interpretations. I just put up the sutdies so that everyone can have the facts."

It is conservationists like Greg Loomis who make Silver Creek a conservation success. Check out his web site and expand your own knowledge of Silver Creek. --Matt Miller

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