Tuesday, October 15, 2013

UPDATE on the restoration at Kilpatrick Pond on Silver Creek

Editor's note: The Kilpatrick Pond project is the largest enhancement project to take place at Silver Creek. The project is restoring the impounded section of the creek, known as Kilpatrick Pond, to address rising water temperatures and decades of sediment build up. Presently the pond contributes a significant amount of warm water into the system because of its large surface area. This affects over 15 miles of creek downstream. Every month we will post an update about the project on this blog.  

The dredge is now visible from Kilpatrick bridge as it makes its way up stream from the dam. The dredging operation will probably take a little more than a week to complete (sometime around the 20-25th it is estimated). Very little sediment is being stirred up as the dredge sucks several feet of silt from the channel. The silt is being deposited several hundred feet away on the Purdy’s pasture. Fish are quick to move into the deeper water. Please continue to stay out of the construction zone.    

Learn more about the project and how you can contribute at: the Kilpatrick Pond Project webpage

Kilpatrick Pond in October 2013. Photo ©TNC

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