Friday, October 18, 2013

UPDATE on the Kilpatrick Pond restoration project at Silver Creek

Editor's note: The Kilpatrick Pond project is the largest enhancement project to take place at Silver Creek. The project is restoring the impounded section of the creek, known as Kilpatrick Pond, to address rising water temperatures and decades of sediment build up. Presently the pond contributes a significant amount of warm water into the system because of its large surface area. This affects over 15 miles of creek downstream. Every month we will post an update about the project on this blog.

Learn more about the project and how you can contribute at: the Kilpatrick Pond Project webpage

By Dayna Gross, Silver Creek watershed conservation manager

We had a chance to get out on the dredge yesterday with Eric Anderson, the dredge owner, and Jake, the dredge operator. They are quickly approaching Kilpatrick bridge and it is anticipated that the dredging work will be done in the next couple of days. 
Once the dredge reaches the bridge, it will make its way back downstream, sloping the channel banks on its way, and then be removed by crane from the staging area (on Purdy’s property). 

The dredge is creating minimal turbidity in the water and fish are quickly moving into the deeper areas. Waterfowl and shorebirds are really enjoying the spoils which are being placed in an agricultural field north of the creek. 

Nick Purdy will start dropping the water level of the pond once the dredging is complete and construction on the lower pond will begin shortly thereafter.

TNC staff Lou Lunte and Dayna Gross. Photo ©TNC.

Lou surveying the project. Photo ©TNC.

Dredge near Kilpatrick Pond bridge. Photo ©TNC.

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