Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Silver Creek Fishing Report - July 5, 2011

Silver Creek intern Matt Hough submits the latest fishing report from Silver Creek. It sounds like things are finally picking up...

The latest reports at Silver Creek show warming and stabilizing weather to finally be improving fishing conditions on the preserve. As many of you know, our cool, wet weather has made fishing difficult and hatches late since season’s open.

Currently, pale morning duns (PMDs) and baetis are increasing in numbers, and reports indicate that they are about the only flies being used consistently on the preserve in a season marked by very inconsistent hatches.

For those of you that are (like me) and have trouble actually seeing a baetis fly in the water, try fishing them behind a PMD and (maybe) double your odds.

Fishing small, wet flies such as damsel nymphs and midges are also said to work when dry flies are ignored. Anglers have also mentioned sightings of a few green drakes, caddisflies, and stoneflies.

Unfortunately, the brown drakes are completely finished, but it was fun while it lasted. As always, the odds of success are increased with longer leaders (up to 12 feet) and finer tippet (6X to 7X).

Also, don’t underestimate the draw of terrestrials. Flying black ants and black beetles, along with a few bees, are said to have some success, especially during the midday lull.

I also spotted a couple of grasshoppers near the stream last weekend so hoppers may already be on the menu.

Nighttime fishing is thought to improve as the changing moon phases brighten the night. Night fishing is best enjoyed by fishing a mouse pattern near the edges to coax the behemoths out of their hiding spots.

That’s the latest at Silver Creek Preserve. For more specific fly patterns, consult with some of the knowledgeable staff of our local fly shops. Good luck to you and happy angling.

Matt Hough, July 5th, 2011

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