Thursday, June 09, 2011

Flat Ranch: Curlew Paradise!

Submitted by Chris Little, East Idaho land steward

Great news from Flat Ranch Preserve!

Last we conducted a pre-nesting curlew survey on Flat Ranch with biologist Rob Cavallaro of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

The survey involved three transects, each containing 5 to 9 survey points. Teams of two walked each transect, stopping at survey points for 5 minutes to record individual curlews, either by visual or auditory confirmation.

In the end, the survey recorded 95 curlews.

According to Rob, these preliminary findings suggest that Flat Ranch may have the highest density of nesting curlews in the country!

We will be conducting a second survey in several weeks when adults are brooding chicks - I will make sure to report again following this.

Big thanks to Nathan Welch, Chet Work, Sarah Grigg, and Rob Cavallaro for making this happen. Be sure to visit Flat Ranch this summer; the curlews are waiting!

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