Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brown Drake are Hatching

The brown drake hatch is on at Silver Creek: Catch it if you can.

Brown drakes are large mayflies, and they hatch in astounding numbers downstream of the preserve, in the Point of Rocks area. (The photo above is of a mass of brown drake mayflies floating down the creek).

The drakes all hatch in a period of a few days, mate and then die. The winged adults do not even have mouths, so short is their lifespan.

The hatch brings thousands of feeding trout to the surface, offering what is arguably the best fly fishing of the year on Silver Creek. A variety of birds will also be around feasting on mayflies.

As hatches go, it's one of the best: the sheer number and size of the mayflies makes this one of fishing's best spectacles.

But it's hard to predict: Unlike many hatches, you never know when exactly the drakes might appear. Early June is often a good bet, but as with this year, you never know.

I've spent plenty of time "waiting for brown drake"--an experience that often uncannily resembles the play Waiting for Godot.

Of course, it's nice to think you can always just rush off and catch the hatch when you hear it's happening. It's always a fun idea that, this year, you'll drop everything for a night or two of unbelievable fishing.

In reality, life and its many obligations too often interfere with fishing dreams.

But: the drakes are hatching. The fishing is great. If you can go, now is the time.

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