Monday, April 19, 2010

Silver Creek in Spring

Colleague Rob Crowley, associate director of philanthropy for the Conservancy, took these photos on a trip last week to Silver Creek Preserve.
Spring is a beautiful time to visit the preserve. Snow still highlights the surrounding mountains, and you'll hear a raucous chorus of marsh wrens, yell0w-headed blackbirds and sandhill cranes. Mule deer, elk and even moose are visible in the fields. Large flocks of waterfowl rest in the wetlands.
While fishing season is still over a month away, you can still hike, canoe, bird, photograph or just enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Silver Creek is open every day of the year, but you must sign in at the visitor center before visiting. There's no admission charge, but please consider donating to enable The Nature Conservancy to continue to protect places like Silver Creek.

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Bill S. said...

I have fished it for years - but quit when it became too popular and there were more fishermen than fish there. I don't need to catch fish, but I want to be a little to myself.