Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live Bird Cams

Live bird cams--where you can watch a nesting bird right from your computer--have become very popular. They allow many folks to see the "secret life" of the birds around them, and follow along with the daily drama that happens in bird nests.

Want to check some out? Here are three nesting birds to follow this spring:

Boise Peregrine Cam - The recovery of peregrine falcons is one of conservation's most remarkable success stories. Many cities, including Boise, now have nesting peregrines in their downtowns. I can look out my window and see the birds on a nearby building. You can too. The Peregrine Fund's web cam gives you a view into their nest. The adult birds are there now, but no eggs have been laid yet.

Deer Flat Refuge Osprey Cam - The Friends of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge--located near Nampa, Idaho--offer a view at an osprey nest this year. Ospreys are always fun to watch, especially when they bring large fish back to the nest.

Channel Islands Bald Eagle Cam - One of the most popular bird cams is on The Nature Conservancy's active conservation project on Santa Cruz Island off the California coast. The Conservancy's web site offers regular news updates on the eagles, and you can also check out commentary on the Conservancy blog Cool Green Science.

Baby eagle photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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