Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want to Help Idaho State Parks? Buy an Annual Parks Pass.

Earlier this week, the Idaho Legislature's Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee voted to cut the fiscal year 2011 general funds budget for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation by 80%.

This obviously has major implications for our state parks and their management. Many people have asked how they can help.

The Nature Conservancy continues to advocate for an adequately funded state parks department, which we believe offers so much to Idaho. We need to continue to work to ensure more adequate funding in the future.

However, our parks need your support now. One of the best ways to help this year is to buy an state parks annual pass.

Doing so will provide vital funds to continue management, maintenance and visitor services at our parks. At $35 per year, your pass will enable you to visit our parks without paying the daily fees. Whether you're climbing dunes at Bruneau, hiking along the crystal clear springs of Box Canyon (pictured above), skiing at Priest Lake or fly fishing at Harriman, the state parks pass has you covered.

If you are on Facebook, please become a fan of the Friends of Idaho Parks and Recreation.

This fan site is growing fast, and it's a great way to organize and show your support. The Friends Facebook page has all the latest news and information on the parks situation.

Our parks provide us so much. Now is the time to show your support for an adequately funded department.

Photo: Box Canyon, a unit of Thousand Springs State Park near Hagerman, by Phares Book.

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