Friday, October 19, 2012

Silver Creek hosts local students in WOW program

Photos courtesy of Dayna Gross/The Nature Conservancy

Seventh graders from the community school visited Silver Creek Preserve this week to learn about restoration projects from preserve manager, Dayna Gross. The students participate in a program by the Wood River Foundation called WOW. Its goals are to: 
  • To give students the opportunity to make a choice about where to invest (donate) $25 in our community
  • To teach all K–12 students in all schools in Blaine County about generosity, civic engagement and the resulting community benefit through hands-on experience
  • To foster collaboration between students, families, schools, nonprofit organizations, and wow-student investors who all have a vested interest in our community.

Restoration projects at Silver Creek Preserve are among local projects that the students can invest in through WOW.  For more on the program visit WOW's website by clicking here

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