Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are fires pushing birds to new areas? New species spotted at Silver Creek

For the past nine years, a group of local volunteer birders have conducted bird counts at the Silver Creek Preserve.  These are some of the most interesting and consistent data we have at Silver Creek. Occasionally they see an unusual species- as was the case this weekend. A Northern Waterthrush was sighted along Stalker Creek, a first for Silver Creek as far as I know.  In addition to the usual list of suspects, a Peregrine falcon and a Sora were also seen. 
The birders, in this case Poo Wright-Pulliam, Kathleen Cameron, and Maria, think the possible reason for the density and diversity of birds this month at the preserve could be due to the fires and the drought in the area.  “The birds are more condensed, they are moving out of burned areas and areas that don’t have food to places that do.  They are relying more on gardens and places like Silver Creek than usual,” said Kathleen Cameron.  
 -Dayna Gross, Silver Creek Preserve Manager

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