Monday, February 28, 2011

Silver Creek Summer Fun & More

For 35 years, Silver Creek Preserve has been a conservation success that has only been possible by the support of landowners, guides and outfitters, anglers, birders, community members, our donors and individuals like you.

Join us for a summer-long celebration of the preserve's anniversary, from nature walks to canoe floats to barbecues. Full schedule of summer activities.

And mark your calendars for a special Silver Creek celebration gala at Heart Rock Ranch (formerly Diamond Dragon Ranch) south of Bellevue, on Thursday, June 30. Call Sara Sheehy at 208-788-8988 for details.

Silver Creek Enhancement Plan

The Silver Creek enhancement plan has been completed and is available for review. The plan may be checked out at The Nature Conservancy’s Hailey Office on 116 First Avenue North in Hailey or at the Silver Creek Preserve office. You may also phone the Silver Creek office at 208-788-7910. Or you can download the full plan on-line.

In a prioritized format, the plan highlights places and actions where restoration activities can achieve the most for conservation. It was completed by Ecosystem Sciences in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy. Ecosystem Sciences held public meetings and met with many landowners to gather input through the twelve months they were developing the plan.

“The plan offers a comprehensive view of opportunities for conservation throughout the Silver Creek basin,” says Dayna Gross, Silver Creek Preserve manager. “The strategies for implementing the plan may vary from landowner to landowner but the general concepts are applicable on all reaches of the creek. I think of it as a living document--- one that will change over time as we learn more and begin to implement some of the recommendations. We look forward to discussing the ideas and next steps with all those who care about this watershed."

A lot was learned from reviewing years of research and monitoring information, as well as gathering insights from landowners and other community members. The plan identified sediment inputs via overland flow and increasing water temperatures as the top stressors to the creek. Further protection and enhancement of the tributary streams is recommended to address these stressors through increased shading and sediment filtering.

This spring, the Conservancy, working with landowners, will begin to implement some key projects identified in the plan, including:
• Improving the riparian vegetation buffer width and quality on Stalker and Patton creeks.

• Stabilizing sediments and increasing shading and habitat in Kilpatrick pond by building islands.

• Addressing many of the data gaps identified by the plan including nutrient monitoring, field verification of mapping, and spring source protection options.

A list of funding opportunities and a time line is available for landowners who are interested in investing in an enhancement project on their properties and would like to find matching funding sources.

For more information, phone Dayna Gross at the Silver Creek Preserve office at (208) 788-7910.

Silver Creek in the Statesman
Finally, Silver Creek Preserve was featured in a story by Natalie Bartley in today's Idaho Statesman. Silver Creek remains a popular story topic in Idaho and beyond. It's a special place for people and nature.

We hope you can visit the preserve this year to celebrate its 35th anniversary. We'll be saving a place for you!

Canoeing photo by Giuseppe Saitta.

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