Friday, June 13, 2008

Adaptive Sports at Silver Creek

This past Monday some three dozen children with Sun Valley Adaptive Sports were given the chance to enjoy a canoe trip and nature walk at the Silver Creek Nature Preserve in Picabo, Idaho. Sun Valley Adaptive Sports is a program that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to experience a wide variety of sports and activities that help them to develop self-confidence and social skills while having fun.

After enjoying the abundant wildflowers and colorful songbirds on the trails surrounding the Visitors’ Center, the children set afloat at Stocker Creek (see photo) for a leisurely ninety minute drift through the lush habitat of
Silver Creek. Despite the interruption of a nine-canoe flotilla, the fly fishermen waved and smiled at the children, and everyone was able to simply enjoy the sunny weather and the striking beauty of the area.

While there were a few tipped canoes, some drenched volunteers, and one slightly wet cell phone, it was a fun and fulfilling day for all. Experiences such as these are vital for developing a connection to nature in the next generation, that they too might be committed to its preservation. Of course, they can be good for this generation too - there’s nothing like seeing a child light up at the sight of a yellow warbler flashing past to remind me why this is the work I choose to do.--- Ryan Urie, Silver Creek Preserve Intern

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