Saturday, September 08, 2007

IDFG proposed changes to Silver Creek fishing regulations

Dr. Unnasch catches (and releases) a
big brown trout. Will there be changes
to the catch and release status of Silver
Creek Preserve?

We have had many questions regarding the proposed IDFG regulation changes for Silver Creek. The Nature Conservancy has served as steward of the Silver Creek Preserve for over 30 years. We manage the Preserve to protect an exceptional cold water ecosystem. We also welcome recreational use that does not impair the creek’s natural environment. In 2006, 6,000 visitors from all 50 states and 14 foreign countries came to enjoy Silver Creek’s clear waters, wily trout, and scenic vistas.

Silver Creek’s serenity contrasts sharply with the controversy recently sparked by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s proposed new fishing rules for the stream. The draft rules would permit anglers to keep up to six brown trout of any size daily. This would mark a big change from Silver Creek’s long history of “catch and release” only. The rules would also allow fishing from boats on stream reaches currently reserved for wading and float tube fishing.

After talking with state biologists, academic scientists, as well as local anglers, The Nature Conservancy has decided to ask the Department to withdraw the proposed regulations.

The Department wants to allow the lethal take of brown trout in order to maintain a balance between brown and rainbow trout. While the Conservancy shares this goal, we believe that the Department should take more time to review the science, involve the public, and shape fishing rules that earn broad angler support. We offer our help to the Department in undertaking these tasks. In the meantime, we think the proposed rules go too far, too fast.

We are unaware of any demand from the public for boat fishing on the upper reaches of Silver Creek. This area has a confined channel and receives heavy wading use. The existing rule works to avoid conflicts between boaters and waders and helps maintain the peace and quiet of this special place.


Dayna Gross
Silver Creek Preserve Manager
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho

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wetfly69 said...

Having Personally Fished this beautiful place,I hope that if a boat is allowed,its not a motorized one,ive shared the salmon,the snake,madison,boxcanyon,payette an many more with Drift boats an pontunes an have seldom had a problem verses the never ending battle for quiet clear waters an trophy fish.The whole reason I drove from Boise to Silver,was...NO BOATS! but what do i know im only a meer Tax Payer.G