Friday, July 27, 2007

Book Review: Idaho Wildlife Impressions

William H. Mullins' photographs are common features in The Nature Conservancy's Idaho publications. His landscape shots have graced the covers of the last three annual reports, and his photographs of Idaho's wildlife, people, rivers and canyons appear in our newsletters, brochures and preserve signs.

Few photographers have taken so many quality photos of the diversity of Idaho's wildlife as Bill, as is apparent in his new book from Farcountry Press, Idaho Wildlife Impressions. The true diversity of Idaho's wildlife is captured, with photos ranging from fish and reptiles, to a wide range of Idaho's birds, to the popular big game species.

Looking through the book, one can't help but think that Idaho is undersold as a wildlife watching destination. It's a state with grizzlies, wolves and lynx that also offers premier raptor watching. There's unique desert wildlife like burrowing owls and sage grouse, but also big-water species like pelicans and grebes. They're all here in the book, often captured with close-up, striking action shots.

The book not only includes the photos, but also biological tidbits about all the species featured. It is a great celebration of Idaho's incredible biodiversity.

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