Monday, June 25, 2007

Silver Creek Combats Weeds

Weeds are a problem for most landowners in southern Idaho. At Silver Creek Preserve the most prevalent noxious weed is Canada thistle. Being difficult to kill and spreading quickly through seeds and rhizomes, we try to spray and mechanically remove this weed in the spring and fall. Silver Creek Preserve had its annual spring 'Spray Day' and were fortunate to have volunteers from neighboring ranches and other organizations in the Wood River Valley, such as the Wood River Land Trust, the Blaine County Weed Department, and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
Heading out with backpacks and 4-wheelers, a great deal of area was covered and sprayed primarily for Canada thistle. These organizations also have their own weed spraying days, to combat weeds on their lands. Also, on June 19th, Silver Creek Preserve hosted 'Weed Night,' and were lucky to have a presentation by Ron Thaemert of the University of Idaho extension office in Hailey. Ron described the common noxious weeds and treatments and gave an overview of the 21 new noxious weeds in Idaho. Please look into controlling weeds on your property to conserve native plants and biodiversity!

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