Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

The red-wing blackbirds came back to Silver Creek Preserve this past weekend! The first sign that spring is on its way, no doubt. Like clockwork, the red wing blackbirds come back to the Preserve around Presidents Day weekend and make their presence heard with their distinct and beautiful song.

Silver Creek is a wonderful place to visit this time of the year as the birds start to come back and mate. In March, you can see the sandhill cranes returning as the trumpeter swans leave, waterfowl in their full mating colors, black cap chickadees, bald eagles, gold finches, dark eyed juncos, song sparrows, and marsh wrens, to name a few. Don't forget to look for the Northern Harriers performing their acrobatic mating ritual. This is truly an amazing site.

In April and May, the Preserve comes to life even more with the arrival of: cliff, tree, and barn swallows, yellow headed blackbirds, ruby kinglets, western meadowlarks, vesper sparrows, northern flickers, willow flycatchers, bullocks oriels, yellow warblers, and cedar waxwings, to name a few. See the complete Silver Creek bird list.

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