Thursday, November 16, 2006

Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign's New Site

The photo above isn't of a pretty flower; it's a highly invasive, non-native weed: dalmatian toadflax. Non-native weeds like these can ruin wildlife habitat, agricultural fields and rangelands, and cost Idahoans millions of dollars to control each year.

Since 2001, the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign has been educating the public on how they can stop the spread of non-native weeds. The new web site includes a weed field guide, information on weed free hay for horesback trips in the backcountry and other useful information. Mountain Visions, a Boise digital media firm, will be installing panoramic views of Idaho landscapes in the near future.

The Nature Conservancy of Idaho contributes to the campaign and hopes all Idahoans learn how they can stop the spread of noxious weeds.

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Gary O. Grimm said...

Thank you for mentioning this new interactive web site. Even though it is still under construction, there are over thirty 360 degree panorama views and over 40 audio video sequences already available on the Virtual Field Guide Interactive Map of Idaho. More video sequences and photo gallery identification slide shows for the Noxious weed list will be produced in the next few months.