Monday, August 14, 2006

Soldier/ Stapp Preserve

The Silver Creek Preserve staff was led by Ralph Crowley of Thousand Springs Preserve last week in a fencing project on Soldier (Stapp) Creek Preserve. The Stapp Preserve is located at the base of Soldier Mountain, about eight miles north of Fairfield. The preserve encompasses a sensitive wetland area as well as stretches of Soldier Creek, Camas Creek, and Spring Creek. It is home to many beaver, moose, birds, and countless sensitive plant species. The fence helps keep cattle out of the fragile wetlands. The preserve is open to the public and is a great place to birdwatch, look at wildflowers, or just relax.

Photo: Our summer interns, Eric Nomura and Lonny Fritzler, at Soldier/Stapp Preserve. They spent the summer working at Silver Creek Preserve, and head back to Colorado College next week. We thank them for their hard work on behalf of The Nature Conservancy.

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