Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Biggest Fish of the Season at Silver Creek!!!!!!!

This may be the biggest fish caught of the 2006 season!! A 33" brown trout was caught by 2005 Silver Creek intern, Morgan Buckert. She told me where she was, but I'm afraid it is confidential!!!!!


Anonymous said...


What were you using? Am I safe to assume that this size of fish is atypical in Silver Creek.

Tight Lines,

M.J. Grourke

Jaws catcher said...

Dear Morgan,

Oh oh!! This is very serious as it puts my bragging rights re my giant 29 inch female brown I caught at the Creek in 1992 in serious jeapordy.

Adjudication is required. Perhaps this will end up in the Idaho Supreme Court:

My fish was caught on a size 16 PMD emerger dry fly. A jury must now be established to determine whether a mouse is a dry fly. Yes, it floats, but it's not a fly, is it? Perhaps a floating mouse is better than a nymph or a streamer, but a mouse is Class Mammalia, order Rodentia. It's not even an insect immitation unless you used a real mouse with lice & ticks on it and a hook placed you know where. Even that may be "stretching it" as it were.

So I am defending my "Jaws" as still the largest fish caught on a dry fly at the Creek - ever. The jurors will have to weigh-in - family members and multiple bribed and bogus entries should be excluded.

BTW, great fish Morgan !!
Jaws catcher